Sanitaryware Products

OmPlast Inc., with its sound background in sanitaryware field, started sensing significance of modern bathroom concept. It envisaged to focus on quality accessories through innovation & renovations to embellish your bathroom by bringing long lasting life to the main products.

Orissa Pan Cover (cover for Indian type toilet)
Orissa Pan Cover
1070 - EWC Convertor (Foldable)
EWC Convertor

KOCKROACH SP Colour (Cockroach Trap)
1010 - Round Plain/Hole 125mm
Round Cockroach Trap
1012 - Square Plain/Hole 125mm
Square Cockroach Trap
1014 - Square PS Plain 150mm
Kockroach Control PS

GRATINGS (Plain & Hole)
1018 - SS Grating Round
Round Grating
1019 - SS Grating Square
Square Grating
1015 - Floor Trap Plain with Lid
1015A - Floor Trap Plain without Lid
Floor Trap

1020 - PS Steel Black 400mm
(reinforced with 4 holes)
PS Basin Bracket
1028 - MS Yellow 450mm
MS Basin Bracket
1028 - CI
CI Basin Bracket

1030 - MS Chair Bracket Regular
MS Chair Bracket
1030A - GI Bracket (Galvanized)
GI Chair Bracket
1020C - MS Cantilever Chair Bracket
MS Cantilever Chair Bracket
1026A - Cantilever GI Open Type
GI Cantilever
1060 - Flat Black Urinal Connection Pipe (with rubber cork)
Urinal Connection Pipe
1031 - Large Urinal Bracket
Urinal Bracket

1017 - SS Flanges Small
1017A - SS Flanges Large
SS Flanges
1029 - Rag Bolt Conventional
Rag Bolt
1052 - Modern Fissure Bolt with Bush
Fissure Bolt

Poly Steel - ER H/C
Inlet Pipe (connection) H/C Pipe
PS Connection Pipe
1058-Urinal Waste Pipe 750mm
1059-Wash Basin Waste Pipe 750mm
Wash Basin Waste Connection Pipe
1055 - 450mm Brass H/C
1056 - 600mm Brass H/C
Brass Connection Pipe
1020 - INS Installation Screws
Installation Screws
1039 - PS Encapsulated Foot Step
(Sump, Manhole, Well & Watertank)
PS Encapsulated Foot Step
1040 - DM Ladder
DM Ladder

Note: Dimensions and weight given are approximate and are subject to change.

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